Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I feel really lonely sometimes.

God has blessed me with some really wonderful friends, but at times I still feel all alone.  When I really need to talk to someone it seems like everyone is busy, has their own problems, or just can't give me the answers I need.

Pick me!!!  Pick me!!!

Remember in grade school when the teacher would ask a question that everyone knew the answer to?  All the little hands would go up saying, "Pick me, pick me!"   I feel like God is saying that to me.  At those times when I feel scared and desperately need someone, God raises His Mighty Hand and cries out, "Pick Me!"

God has a burning desire for us to be completely dependent on Him.  He longs to be our Source, our Friend, our Strength, our Ever Present Help in time of trouble . . .  the One we turn to first in every situation

When life gets you down and you need someone to pick you up, who do you turn to?  Jesus has His hand outstretched saying, "Pick me...."

Many blessings,

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  1. I understand the feeling. But God is always there waiting for us to turn to Him. Remember, I am always here Lisa.

  2. I've found so often I've tried to cure loneliness with humans...it is a void that can't be filled unless we seek to fill it with Him. People let us down. They can't be counted on, but He is always there...always waiting!

  3. Very comforting post, Lisa. Thank you!

  4. Lisa, this is a powerful truth. God is the one who always has time for us. He never will push us aside. Blessings to you my friend.