Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Motive Behind the Action

The other day I posed this question on the A Moment with God Facebook page.

Why do you go to church?

Here are some of the answers I received:  
  •   "To worship God, to get a blessing from the service, to interact with 'like minded' people, to show God how much I love Him, and to strengthen my faith!!"
  • "God's Word and His forgiveness and mercy that I receive through hearing His message. He ALWAYS speaks to me there and I want to worship and give Him thanks."
  • "I go because God ALWAYS meets me there, I LOVE to worship Him with other believers and I NEEEEEED to HEAR the messages He sends our Pastor every week. I learn something new every time I go and not to mention the fellowship with other believers trying to find their way in this world just like me."
 I asked this question because it's something I have been thinking about a lot lately.  And apparently I'm not the only one.  One person wrote, "An interesting question to ask -- I've been asking myself that lately, and wrestling with the real reasons I do go...."

Some would say that they go to church to worship God, but can't we worship Him anywhere?  Shouldn't we worship Him everywhere?  I know that God does speak to us through the songs or the Pastor's teachings, but He can speak to us everyday in anyway He chooses.  Worshiping God, speaking to Him, and listening to His voice are definitely a part of our church services, but we should be doing those things on a daily basis....not just Sunday mornings.  So why do we go to church? 
I have some thoughts that I want to share, but first I want to hear from you.  Why do you go to church?  Share you thoughts in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.  

Many blessings, 

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  1. You're right we should be worshiping God and hearing God every day. And we can definitely do that without going to church. But, I think going to church is important because we are called to be a part of the body. We need to be in fellowship with our family of believers to pray for and support one another and that often begins at church. Also, standing united together gives us strength to stand up and reach out to places to serve and glorify God in much bigger ways than we can do alone.

  2. Great post, and I second that ditto on Heidi. God bless!

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life

  3. Hi Lisa - I have been wrestling with this question. I like to believe I go to church to give.. give my worship to God but it is always I who receive when I go to church. I also go because the word says not to forsake the gathering of the believers. My issue is I want more meat, more depth in church but maybe, church is not the forum for that? Great question! Will be checking in to see your conclusions.
    God bless

  4. Yep we are the church, the bride of Christ. We should be experiencing God all week long and Sunday morning is like gravy poured over what we've already been devouring. Like the early church in Acts, the gatherings were to encourage others as they'd been persecuted for sharing the Gospel during the week. This gave me the opportunity to spur one another on for another tough week of Gospel pursuit.

  5. I agree with, Heidi too! Great response.

  6. I go to church because I want to. It helps me start my week on a positive note. I also have a calling to go to church, because i do one day want to become a priest. And so I go to see how things are done and what who when where and why. I like thinking and knowing of why things are done and so on. But I go to church because I love God. And as much as he loves me I think i can put an hour of my time to visit him in his home. But I never go to church of fear of the Lord. I go because it's up lifting. I want to live my life for Jesus and so I go and worship him there. I know I can everywhere and I know i'm suppose to everywhere. But I have a calling each sunday to go to Mass.

  7. Awesome question. Coming from a person who was 'anti-church' for many years and now works at one! What I've learned in my faith journey is that 'fellowship' can work miracles in your life. God wants us to walk with Him no matter where we are. The four walls of the Church don't represent our faith...but God speaks through others and wants us to walk together. When I was a 'free lance' Christian (ha ha)... Having my relationship with God on my own terms, it was really hard. There was no growth...no one to be 'accountable' to. Becoming part of a healthy Church has enriched my life beyond measure. More than once I've felt God speak through a Christian friend and answer a question only HE knew was on my mind. =)
    Great Post!
    God Bless!