Monday, January 23, 2012

Even After I Leave This Room

I find my thoughts turning to other things more than God.  When I'm in this room, my secret place with God, my thoughts are centered on Him.  But sometimes, after I leave this room, things change.  There's not enough, "Thank you, Father" or "Help me, God."  The things of this world come in and I find myself talking and thinking more about the temporal than the eternal.

The Bible says, "What you say flows from what is in your heart." (Luke 6:45 NLT)  If my thoughts and words are more reflective of the things of this world than of God, then I have to question who is really seated on the throne of my heart.

Search me, O God, and know my heart; 
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
Point out anything in me that offends you,
and lead me along the path of everlasting life.
Psalm 139:23-24

I want to continue counting my blessings and worship God, even after I leave this room.

Today I'm thankful for:
487.  Dinner out with my husband
488.  New shower head for my shower
489.  Learning to trust and open my heart more to my friends
490.  Scriptures that pop into my head first thing in the morning
491.  Kleenex with lotion
492.  Hand Sanitizer
493.  Being able to run - I can do all things through Christ
494.  Date night with my hubby
495.  Friends who care enough to push when they can tell there's something wrong
496.  The wonderful sense of humor of my youngest son. 
497.  Reminder that this world is not my home - all I need is Jesus!
498.  That I have a husband who is crazy in love with me
499.  Hidden blessings discovered in my daughter's broken car
500.  Having my beautiful daughter sing with me for worship
What's on your list today?

Many blessings,
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  1. "But sometimes, after I leave this room, things change. There's not enough, "Thank you, Father" or "Help me, God." The things of this world come in and I find myself talking and thinking more about the temporal than the eternal." It happens so easily. Thanks for this reminder. Love your list of blessings :)

  2. I agree with Heidi, it happens so easily. We have to keep our eyes focused on God. Great list!

  3. Lisa,

    It is so easy to let the things of this world come into our lives and then we find ourselves thinking about the temporal things of this world rather than keeping our mind set on Jesus and the eternal things.

    Love #497 on your list, all we need is Jesus.

    Blessings to you Lisa.

  4. Such truth here, Lisa, and such conviction for me. Thank you for putting this into words. It's something I have been giving a lot of thought to lately.

  5. Great list sister, and God always brings us back when we get side tracked in our "doing" that we forget about Him. I want to think more and pray more during the day too, it's one of the self disciplines I'm working on. Hope you're having a great day!

  6. Makes me examine myself Lisa.

  7. I forget that I get to take Him with me, throughout my day, everywhere I go. Why is it so hard to keep my eyes on Him? I too want to worship Him once I leave the room! Beautiful list of gifts today too!