Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love you, but I don't have to like you....... 

That was my theology in third grade.  I can look back and see myself standing in that little classroom with my friend saying those very words to another girl in our class.  I remember telling her that the Bible said I was required to love her, but it didn't say anything about having to like her, and therefore, I didn't like her and wouldn't be her friend.  Kind of messed up thinking, isn't it?  I can see that now - but at the time it made perfect sense to me.

While talking with my close friend yesterday I realized that I have applied this same reasoning to my relationship with God. 

God loves me, but He doesn't accept me

I know that God loves.  He loves me, He loves you, He loves the whole world.  I've written many posts about God's love for us.  I even just wrote about a post about taking God's Love for grantedBut somewhere along the way I've come to believe this lie:  God loves me, because He's God and He is required to love me, but He doesn't have to like me or accept me.  

I hope to earn man's approval, if I'm good enough, pretty enough, try hard enough; but I don't think I can ever earn God's approval.

I live with the belief that nothing I do is ever quite good enough for God; I can't believe that He would pick me for anything.  I don't see anything good in me, so how could God? 

This post is more for me than for you, my readers.  While I pray that my words have touched your heart and made you challenge some of your false beliefs, I'm not writing this for your approval.  For that reason I have turned the comments off on this post. 

It's not your acceptance I am seeking, it's God's.  And while my head knows that I already have His acceptance, my heart needs to fully believe that.  There's still work to be done.....

Many blessings,

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