Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truth for the New Year

 As I was thinking about the new year arriving in a few days, I decided to take a look back and see what was on my heart one year ago today.  This post was originally written on December 29th, 2010, and the message is just as relevant today as it was then.  As you look forward to the new year take this promise with you; cling to it if you need to.  God loves you ~ Oh, how He loves!

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, 
that we should be called children of God.  1 John 3:1
Before I ever knew I needed a savior, God had a plan to save me. 
Before I knew I was lost, He made a way for me to be found. 
Before I was born and knew life,
God made a way to save me from death. 
Before I knew I needed to be rescued, He saved me.

Before I called Him my Father, He called me His child.

Many blessings,

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  1. Hi Lisa - great words. Before I knew I needed a saviour, before i called Him father. This is something I would like to come back to. Very encouraging.
    God bless

  2. So beautiful, Lisa. I got the Godbumps. I'm filled with joy thinking about Him loving me and calling me child before I ever knew Him. Thank you for resharing this.

    <3 Kendra

  3. Lisa,

    Such beautiful words to reflect on, now or any other time of the year. You express yourself so well, and I can relate so much to your words.

    I'm so glad I came upon your post AND your blog site today! Thanks for this loving reminder, and a Happy, healthy and blessed New Year to you!

    At His feet,

  4. Before we knew we needed Him, before we called out to Him, before we even were, He knew us and loved us. Beautiful.

  5. Love this, Lisa. Short, sweet beautiful truth!

  6. Absolutely beautiful Lisa... Before we called Him Father, He called us His children. Powerful words, and a very important truth.

    Have a Blessed Day my dear friend!

  7. Lisa,

    This is a beautiful post, mind if I use it? My heart fills with love and joy just thinking about those words you shared today. We are His children.

    Blessing to you Lisa.

  8. Kandi, I don't mind at all. :)