Monday, December 5, 2011

A Full Heart

Last week was rough for me.  Through circumstances and an unguarded heart I allowed the enemy to steal some of my joy and peace.

It starts as something so small. I wasn't feeling well the first part of last week, which led to a clouded mind.  Do you get that way when you are sick?  Everything becomes a little fuzzy, and through that fuzziness, little whispers of doubt began to be placed in my heart.  I took off my eyes off my Redeemer and began to notice more of my circumstances.

Our circumstances and emotions change like shifting sand.  If our happiness is based on our surroundings and circumstances we will feel like we are on a roller coaster ride, and we will be left with an empty heart.

But God!

When our life is found in God, we experience true happiness, peace, and joy.  God never changes!  His love for me remains the same.  I've been reminded of that fact, and now my heart is full once again. 

408.  My 14 year old son that is still willing to sit on my lap
409.  Wonderful support of my friends
410.  Technology that allows me to talk to those friends, even if they are many miles away
411.  A text message received at just the right time
412.  Sunday afternoon spent on the sofa with my hubby
413.  New babies at church that I can snuggle
414.  The freedom we have in Christ
415.  A heart full of God's love
416.  The hope we have in Christ
417.  A kitty that likes to spend time with me (and my warm laptop)

418.  A house decorated for Christmas - finally

What's on your list today?

Many blessings,

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  1. Beautiful words. Beautiful Gifts! Oh yes, I'm the same way. Oh if it weren't for....

    BUT GOD!

    Love this post.

    Thanks friend.

  2. I can relate to this. Circumstances try to let fear, worry and doubt creep in. But God is bigger than my circumstances. He is worthy of my joy and praise at all times!

    Love your thankful list! :)

  3. I'm so happy that You've found your joy again Lisa. Isn't it wonderful that even when we allow ourselves to slip off His track, that He always finds us and lovingly brings us back? :-)

    And I love your list this week... So many things there I too, am thankful for.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. But God...have always loved the hope packed into those two words. They were mentioned at our communion service last night too. The Pastor read 2 Chorinthians 7:5-6 as a reminder that just a Paul received the comfort of Titus God sent Jesus to be with be our hope, our encourager, our Savior!

  5. Lisa, I had a strange week full of things designed to get me distracted.

  6. Love this..but God. No matter what He's always there calling us back to Him and His peace. Great list!

  7. I know what you mean. When our bodies are weak, our souls can get weak too. Praying you feel much better in this new week. I love your list of blessings.

  8. Could so relate to your comment about how not feeling well can affect our emotions...could also, thankfully, relate to your "But God..."

    So true. Your thankful list made me smile; there is nothing like cuddling with one's husband...Thank you, Lisa.

  9. Lisa,

    Oh how I love "but God". My joy slipped a bit too, nothing really happened, but joy just didn't seem to be there. In some ways joy steelers can turn into joy givers, I now know to go straight to the word and stay there for as long as it takes. 414, 415 and 416 are the best. Blessings to you Lisa.

  10. Yes Lisa...I get that way. Fuzziness and little whispers of doubt!
    Great post.

  11. Great post....A nice reminder to be on guard!!