Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deep Roots

And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, 
you must continue to follow him.
Let your roots grow down into him, 
and let your lives be built on him. 
Then your faith will grow strong in the truth
you were taught, 
and you will overflow with thankfulness.
Colossians 2:6-7 

Do your roots run deep?

Many blessings,

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  1. Beautiful scripture Lisa. I love that, our lives should be firmly built on His foundation, our roots deep planted in Him. God is so great.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Hi Lisa - I love the scriptures in the bible about tree roots growing down and strong and firm into the water of life. So life affirming.
    Thank you for linking up, I appreciate it and I appreciate you.
    God bless

  3. Beautiful scripture choice Lisa, and I love the photo!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. I love that verse. As our roots grow deep, nourishing themselves by the streams of living water, we can stand strong and firm.

  5. This is one of my favorite verses and the picture is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  6. Your blog is beautiful! Love this verse. Also wanted to let you know I added your button to my blog library. Hope you'll come visit.

    Tamara @God's Perfect Promises

  7. Love the guidance and promises in this scripture Lisa! Blessings!

  8. Lisa!!! God is speaking to me through this too! As I read that verse, memories flashed in my mind of various ages... all of them God memories. Moments when "I got it." Moments of innocence like singing Amazing Grace at 4 years old in front of a small congregation...

    Thank you for giving me the reference also! I will give Mandy some credit on that post. Love and blessings! <3 Kendra

  9. Beautiful scripture and photo! My prayers is for my roots to grow deeper and ever deeper in Him.

  10. Beautiful scripture to ponder this evening as I go to bed!

  11. My roots run deep, but not as deep as I want them to. I pray the Lord's promises will take even greater hold in my heart. Thank you for this short but powerful post (sometimes those are the best kind!). It speaks to me.