Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Storm Facts

Have I mentioned that I LOVE reading God's Word?

I'm reading through the Gospels right now, and even though I am familiar with most of the parables, there is always something new to discover.  I encourage you to be careful that you don't just skim over the passages you think you already know.  And don't skip over the "hard" parts.  Ask God to give you a fresh revelation every time you read.

One of those passages that may be familiar to you is found in Mark chapter four about Jesus calming the storm.  Jesus and His disciples had gotten into a boat to cross to the other side of the lake.  A fierce storm came up, high waves were breaking the boat, and it began to fill with water.  There are five things that really caught my attention this time that I hadn't thought of before.

Calm After the Storm 14

Storms don't only come when we've strayed away from Jesus
The disciples were with Jesus when the storm blew up (verse 36).  The disciples hadn't gone off to do their own thing; they were all in the boat together.  Walking with Jesus doesn't guarantee calm seas.

What seems like a life or death emergency to us doesn't upset Jesus.  
Jesus was asleep. (verse 38).  It's not that He is unconcerned about our storms, it's just that isn't worried.  We panic from a sense of loss of control, but Jesus is always in control.

Jesus is our storm forecaster.
The disciples questioned whether Jesus cared that they were going to drown (verse 38), but Jesus was in the same boat being rocked and battered by the waves.  If the disciples were going to drown, then Jesus was going to drown too.  So if Jesus isn't panicked, then we shouldn't be either. 

Nature recognizes the power and authority of Jesus.
Jesus spoke to the wind and waves and suddenly the wind stopped and there was calm (verse 39).  Jesus only had to say it once for the winds to obey.  How many times does He have to say something to us?

Jesus has all power and authority over everything.
The disciples were absolutely terrified at seeing the storm suddenly stop, saying, "Who is this man?"  Why did this scare them?  They had already witnessed Jesus performing many miracles.  It was okay to see people healed and the dead brought back to life, but different to see waves calmed?  We've seen Jesus provide many times for us in the past, but this time we are afraid?

Are you facing a storm today?

Remember, no matter what you are going through, Jesus can calm every storm in our lives. 

Many blessings,

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  1. Great encouragement, Lisa. I love seeing familiar verses like this in a new and fresh way.

  2. Dear Lisa, thank you for this posting.The first of your 'discoveries' was a surprise to/for me. Sometimes it is difficult to see why a storm is in your life. From your post I learned a lot and I can use it: for myslef but also for when I'am talking with others who have a difficult time.

  3. This used to be hard for me. I have read through the Bible many times. So many stories and passages are familiar to me. So I would skim over. And those 'boring' parts, yep, skimmed them too. But God has shown me that His Word is alive! What it meant to be at one time, He may have something completely different for me to learn this time. I need to read each word and not skim. Great post.

  4. God has given you such a powerful gift of communicating encouragement through His word. I love this about you.

  5. Such a good commentary on this passage, Lisa. Thank you. I was especially challenged by your question under the "Nature recognizes the power and authority of Jesus." !!

    I've also heard the theory that the storm was caused by the Enemy. Just after the boat arrived, Jesus met the demonized man and cast out the evil spirits. So when He said, "Be still!" he might have been giving a command to something more personal than just the weather!

    Thanks for doing this! I'm going to be listening more carefully for orders from Command Headquarters today because of you.

  6. Thank you for the encouragement. I AM in a storm right now and it's refrshing to be reminded that Jesus is in control.

  7. I love when I see things new (or read!). It's such a cool experience and it makes me want to go deeper.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa.

  8. You and I must have been on the same wavelength today Lisa...

    "Walking with Jesus doesn't guarantee calm seas."

    I used a similar analogy in my closing prayer. Love it when He does that! :-)

    Great post!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. Love your new insights, Lisa. Thanks for sharing!
    Pam at www.2encourage.com

  10. You are right, there was still so much to be gleaned from this familiar passage. I like your first point especially, about storms coming in the midst of our walk with God.

  11. very refreshing Lisa to come to you at the end of the night...thank you for all of the reminders straight from the Word...nothing better than that:}:}:}

  12. Lisa, you are such a source of godly encouragement to me. I am facing a storm and I really needed this. Thank you for allowing God to use you!

  13. Hi Lisa - not only can He calm every storm in our lives, He can calm us while going through the storm. Great post, very encouraging!
    God bless

  14. So, so true! It is so tempting to get wrapped up in the fear of the storm or wondering why the storm has come. Remembering that Jesus has the power to speak peace over the storm and us is hard to do, but always necessary.