Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spots on My Glasses

I just started wearing glasses about a year ago.  When I first got my glasses, I couldn't stand it if they were dirty; my eye noticed every spot on the lens.  As time has gone by, I've noticed that I'm much more tolerant of the spots that appear.  It's easier to just deal with the spot then try to clean them, because sometimes spots become smudges when they are wiped and that's a bigger mess.  It then takes more work to get the lens clear.

Isn't that how it is with sin in our lives?

When the sin (spot) first appears, we find it quite irritating. We notice that it's harder to see (Jesus), so we quickly repent and ask forgiveness.  Jesus forgives us and easily removes the spot.

But left unchecked, after a while that little sin (spot) becomes more tolerable.  We didn't deal with it when we first noticed it, and now we don't even realize it is there.  Sure, our view (of Jesus) has been compromised, but we've learned to deal with it.  Slowly, over time, the sins (spots) have become to accumulate, distorting our view.

Repenting now means more work.  When it was just one sin (spot) it was easy to remove, but now . . .

Just like with the spots on our glasses, sometimes removing sins results in smudges.  We notice it more and it requires a little more work to clean.  We need to be wiped a little harder in order to remove all the traces of our sin.

Have you left spots (sins) unattended on the lens of your heart?  I encourage you to deal with them now.  It may require some hard wiping, but it will be worth it - you will see Jesus clearly. 

Just something to think about.

Many blessings,

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  1. Love this analogy. When I wore glasses before I was horrible about cleaning lenses. My husband always said he couldn't understand how I could see out of them!

    We need to deal with the sin in our lives, not leave it be. Great encouragement!

  2. Thank you for always teaching and guiding me. I look forward to your posts daily! I do wear glasses thus this lesson is that much more real and powerful. For me it is a cycle I think I will notice the sin (spot) and repent and try to do better but often I don't. Then I get out the spray and clean the lens entirely and start fresh and am again of each spot and then get used to them. It is something I am working on and need to pray about and be conscious of as I want to be aware of sin and live my life for the lord trying to be the best that I can.

  3. Great post! My glasses often end up looking like my car windshield if left unchecked. I don't want my heart looking like my car windshield. I need to take it to the Cleaner every day!

  4. God has been dealing with me about this very thing and it is a bit painful. God wants us to be completely honest and sometimes I find that hard, especially when to tell the whole truth makes me look bad. Thanks for the analogy.
    Pam at

  5. Hi LIsa - really great analogy and very practical. We need to keep our sin lens clear.
    God bless

  6. great encouragement if we would only follow through....Thanks!!

  7. Lisa, you have the best analogies :) this one is so good. Thank you for the way you hear God and always share it with us! Blessings!

  8. Great analogy! I am tolerant of's just easier than cleaning the glasses. Just like a 'little-white sin' is easier to keep than trying to wipe off!

  9. Thank you! This is a very great posting!

  10. This is a great analogy! Yes, this happens to my glasses all the time...especially with little girl fingers always roaming around. True~ we get used to the spot then more smudging occurrs ... sometimes we even become oblivious to that because its familiar. God please help me to never get so comfortable in my sin, that I don't even recognize it anymore. Help me to keep my eyes on you, Jesus!

  11. Oh, yes. I've let those spots turn into big huge smudges. The biggest one that I can think of right now is just seems to grow and grow and grow when left to run rampant!

  12. As you said, if we incorporate that spot into our lives it IS easy to overlook it, and not even notice it is there. But, it DOES distort our view.

    What a blessing that we don't have to live with that smudge on our heart and lives but have a great God Who is fully capable of removing it forever!

  13. Just before popping open the computer, I grabbed my reading glasses, which became my friend about 6 months ago. I placed them on my face only to be frustrated by the obvious smudges. I pulled them off, wiped them off and replaced them. I just couldn't stand the smudges interference.
    I love how you compared our acceptance of sin in our lives to living with the spots on our glasses. If we don't settle for spots on our glasses, why should we settle for sin spots in our lives? We shouldn't!
    Thank you for this post, Lisa.

  14. Good analogy! and so true! It isn't until you cut it off that you realize how dirty things got, and how clean they are now :0)