Monday, August 22, 2011

Six Little Words

Who knew six little words could hold such power.

You see, I'm a thinker (code for worrier), and I have a lot to think about.

The other day as I was "thinking" about something, God spoke six little words directly to my heart.  There is great power in these words, so I shared them with my sweet sisters and God used those six little words to speak to their hearts.

Because there is such power in these six little words, I want to share them with you.  Remember, these are God's words, not my words.  These six little words brought complete peace to my heart,

It's not yours to worry about.

So every time you feel yourself start to "think" about something, just repeat these six little words, and make them personal for you.  Say to your soul and to the worry, "It's not mine to worry about."

There's power in those six little words. 

Continuing my list of blessings, and linking up with others at A Holy Experience

226.  Peace, even though husband is still not working
227.  More time for hubby to study since he's not working
228.  A free printer to use with my laptop
229.  Haircuts for two boys
230.  Windows open, a/c off thanks to cooler temps
231.  Tickle fights with my 13 year old son
232.  Cool mornings
233.  The sound of men's voices working down the street
234.  Praying in the morning and answers in the afternoon
235.  Men who meet faithfully every Tuesday for Bible study
236.  The sound of a lawnmower in the morning
237.  Air conditioning, which we had to turn back on because the heat returned
238.  Job for my son, and it's full-time
239.  Watching the fog roll in, then disappear as the sun takes over the sky
240.  The reminder that, "it's not mine to worry about."
241.  The Presence of Almighty God while cleaning the kitchen sink.
242.  Miniature golf and ice cream with my favorite three boys
243.  Two nights of wild storms, but no damage
244.  Peaceful Saturday mornings
245.  Finding hidden treasures at an antique stores
246.  Sunday lunch with new friends 
247.  Being challenged to move from the What If

What's on your list?

Many blessings,


  1. Great words to remember for a Monday...or for any day!!

  2. Hi Lisa - I wish I could tape those 6 little words to the inside of my retina!!! :) Great words to hold onto for the week.
    God bless

  3. Love your list and love Gods 6 little words

  4. Those are some beautiful words! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I really really enjoyed this reading xx thanks so much :)

  6. Praise God it's not ours to worry about!! That really speaks volumes to me!!

    Today I am thankful for:
    1) An AWESOME service at church.
    2) Bowing down before Him in worship.
    3) New faces at church.
    4) The kids having awesome grandparents who love spending time with them.
    5) Yard work after a horrible storm.
    6) Fixing a fence after a horrible storm,
    7) Kids waking up easily this morning.
    8) Meeting a fellow believer through selling an old dresser.
    9) Fresh excitement in long time believers.
    10) Sweet tea.
    11) A bowl of ice cream before bed.
    12)Hubby's forgetfulness, which means he calls me several times throughout the day.

  7. Thanks for sharing those great 6 words...words I can carry with me..words that will help be keep proper a prospective as we are 2 weeks out from my son's wedding:)

  8. Enjoyed reading your list, especially #238. As the mom of a son, I know the joy of this feeling!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  9. I love those 6 words. I needed to hear those today as I have something on my heart but I know God will take it. Love your list.

    Visiting from Ann's today

  10. You may get two of these thoughts today.
    I visited your blog again today. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and the six little words were so encouraging.
    I remember walking one day with a troubled heart an in prayer. A scripture thought came to my mind "Be Still And Know That I Am God.
    Thanks for the uplift today.
    Drop by my blog sometime@
    Living Waters by LeAnn

  11. This is great! It lets us off the hook when we give everything over to God. He sees the big picture when we don't. Its hard to do so thank you for this reminder! Great post!

  12. "It's not mine to worry about!" Thank you! My husband is looking for work, too. There are so many things we could choose to worry about, but none of it is for us. Is it? Beautiful!

  13. Lisa,

    I read this post this morning but was running late and did not have time to comment, these were words I needed to hear this morning before I left the house, it is not mine to worry about, I wish I could empty out my brain and fill it back up with these six little words.

    Blessings to you Lisa!

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  15. Love those 6 little words from God... I can't afford to forget them! Wonderful list too... loved the last one, I need to embrace life outside of the "What If" too!

  16. Wonderful words to hear after my day at work. Oy... your post really helped me remember the power of those 6 words. THANK YOU!

    Maria @ Linen & Verbena

  17. Lisa, I think God intended for me to hear these words today as well... Thank you.

    Your list is wonderful! Such Blessings! :-)

    Have a Blessed Day Dear Lady!

  18. Great words Lisa. I am a "thinker" also! Thank you for sharing this. I am going to write these down and post them at work to read, and share, throughout the day.


  19. Oh, girl. You strike true with that one! I had a troubling visit at the mental health hospital with my daughter tonight. I fear for her, for what our family is going through because of all she struggles with. It is not mine to worry about. But it seems so much like it is! I know, though, that like you said - it's really NOT for me to worry. It's His job.

    So good to find your site through Ann Voskamp's link-up.

  20. It's not mine to worry about. Words I needed to hear today. Thanks!