Monday, August 8, 2011

Practicing Gratitude

God doesn't want us to be happy.  He wants us to be more than happy; God wants us to be blessed.  

Blessed is the one who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands.  
Psalm 112:1

 Being thankful doesn't come naturally for me.  Maybe it doesn't come naturally for anyone.  All I know is that the week can go by without me noticing the little blessings in my life.  Of course I notice the big blessings, like the $10,000 check we received in the mail. (That didn't happen, but you get my point).  We are usually quick to acknowledge that the new car, good health report and better job are gifts from God.  But God's blessings are all around.  Every breath I take is a gift from Him.  Because I know that focusing on my blessings keeps my heart from becoming bitter, I've started making a list of 7 blessings for everyday.  Here are some of the blessings I recorded:

 193.  Afternoons watching cheesy movies on Syfy with my husband and son.
194.  Reminder that I was made for the King and His love makes me whole.  
195.  Shopping with my husband
196.  Money to buy groceries
197.  Fresh salad for dinner
198.  Being current on the bills
199.  Talking with my sweet sisters in Christ
200.  Yummy chicken salad wraps
201.  Celebrating one year of blogging
202.  Husband home from work all week
203.  Sleeping later in the mornings - because hubby is home
204.  Not worrying about money even though hubby did not work all week.
205.  Blueberry flavored coffee
206.  Quick fix for a printer problem
207.  Cooler temperatures
208.  Sunday afternoon thunderstorm
209.  Fun fellowship at the church picnic
210.  A beautiful piece of furniture built by my hubby - made possible by the fact that he wasn't working last week. 

Are you counting your blessings?

Many blessings,

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  1. Great list. Blueberry coffee. Must try that!! And, your hubby is talented. :)

  2. Wonderful blessings! I love that piece of furniture! <3 Traci

  3. I love that beautiful table your husband made. Imagine if he had 2 weeks off! :)

  4. Love your list Lisa! and I am definitely going to have to try #205.

    Blessings to you Lisa.

  5. Great list!

    Today I am so very thankful for such a great leadership team and a wonderful first service in our new church.

  6. Wow... your husband built that?! I'm so impressed... it's gorgeous! Naming my blessings has opened up a new and wonderful sense of gratitude!

  7. Wonderful idea, Lisa. And, as so many have said, your husband is a talented craftsman!
    Pam at

  8. that cabinet is so pretty, good job lisa's hubby!! great list, I'm greaful today for full of energy children, and a son who I can FINALLY understand when he asks for something.

  9. I also enjoy shopping with my husband! Congrats on one year of blogging! I am also grateful for quick fixes for printing problems. Feels great when I figure it out! :) Beautiful piece of furniture!

  10. Beautiful graces! Congratulations on your blogoversary. And that furniture piece your husband built is beautiful!

  11. I would love some of that cooler weather :)

    What blessings lay when counting gifts!

  12. Enjoyed reading your list, full of everyday blessings. A reminder for me to look for the little things, as well as the big.

  13. Hi Lisa - this is so true. I don't think thankfulness comes to me naturally either. I am trying to use the first words and thoughts as I wake up to thank Jesus for something - the warm bed, the light shining trough the curtain, my dogs driving me insane waiting to be fed. I'm trying to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. Thank you for the reminder
    God bless

  14. Wow your husband is the piece of furniture. And congrats on one year of blogging....I am a couple of weeks into it...right now a year seems a long time....I guess I will see.

  15. I love the furniture. What a gift your hubby has. What a list of blessings you shared. have a wonderful day.

  16. This was a wonderful list Lisa! You are truly Blessed, as are we all when we take the time to recognize and appreciate God's multitude of gifts!

    Have a Blessed Day!

    P.S. My boys and I watch the cheesy movies on SyFy as well, and love every minute of it. :-)

  17. Lisa,
    Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I was blown away and so humbled by the comment you left on my 5 minute post. I love having a community to share and grow with and am so thankful that you are part of it. Your list is full of joy...talks with sisters in Christ, not worrying about money, hubby made furniture and blueberry coffee! Have a great week and enjoy all of your blessings! Oh and congratulations on a year of blogging! To God be the glory!

  18. He MADE that?! Amazing!
    Blueberry coffee? Not sure...
    Congrats on ONE year of blogging--you are a writer! See "Chatting at the Sky" post for today. :)

  19. I was out of breath only to think of the amount of blessings, that i get from the hand of the Lord God.
    It was very interesting and timely this word, dear!
    Thank you for allowing me to remember the blessings daily in my life.
    That blog blessed!
    I am Already here in Brazil you following that small world!
    God bless y

  20. I am a pessimist and always find the negative before the positive. I'm working on that - I want to be more thankful and live in that state rather than seeing what's lacking. Thank you for your encouragement!