Monday, August 29, 2011

Living on Purpose

In our crazy, busy lives, there are times when we do things with purpose and other times when we just go through the motions.  Sometimes we just perform our daily activities out of routine, without even thinking about what we are doing. 

When we live our lives out of routine, we take things for granted and fail to notice God's gifts.  Laundry gets done, meals get cooked and rooms get cleaned, with the focus is directed inward, not upward. 

But when we live on purpose it is easy to spot God's gifts in our lives.  We wake up expecting to see God, to hear God, and to feel Him near.  It's during these times that we realize every breath we take and every step we make is a blessing from our Father above. The dirty laundry and messy house prove God's gifts and every blessings He pours out  we turn back to praise. 

Continuing my list of blessings, and linking up with others at A Holy Experience

249.  Another trip to the zoo, this time with my husband and son.
250.  Riding and surviving the African Sky Safari at the zoo.
251.  Seeing God's beauty display in creation
252.  Getting a bird's eye view of baby giraffes and rhino
253.  Graham crackers and frosting
254.  The ability to home school
255.  Fresh, new curriculum ready for the upcoming school year
256.  Being connected with a Christian sister in India via this blog
257.  More antique shopping with my daughter
258.  Learning that my trust in God has to come with no clauses.
259.   Life storms that redirect my focus back to God.
260.   A messy house and a full life

Are you living on purpose today?

Many blessings,


  1. Hi Lisa - I like that - with the focus is directed inward, not upward. I want to live with purpose, enjoying each and every item of ironing (ok - thats a stretch) but its definitely about perspective.
    God bless

  2. I try to live on purpose for God every day but sometimes I miss out, I get distracted. I want to live for God through distractions. Something else God is working on me about :) Great post.

  3. Thanks you Lisa for admonishing me to not get caught up in the routine of life.

  4. Thanks for the on purpose helps us to spot God's gifts...

  5. Great reminder, Lisa. I struggle with this. I tend to cling to routine and often forget to live intentionally. I have a feeling I miss out on so much because of this too. Thanks for the challenge to look beyond the routine and make every single moment count!

  6. #253... yummy, I haven't done that in years! I want to live life on purpose and not miss any of God's gifts all around me. Thanks for this reminder... always love your list :) Blessings!

  7. I want to live on purpose for Him. Great reminder! Today I am thankful for:

    1) An anniversary date with my hubby.
    2) Celebrating 14 years of marriage.
    3) Wonderful service at church.
    4) New faces and new friends at church.
    5) Lunch with friends.
    6) Sunday night ice cream runs with the family.
    7) Preparations for vacation.
    8) God always coming through in times of need.

  8. Living on purpose -- I have found that perhaps I have lived life more on my purpose than God's -- He is teaching me that His purpose has a reason and I need to rest in that.

  9. Your post really spoke to my heart. I think most days I simply follow a routine, although I do have joy in my heart. But how much more joy would I have if I lived life on purpose.

    #258 - trusting without clauses. That's a good one.

    #260 - Amen!

  10. I know this but it went deep inside, the waking up, expecting God to be in every moment. I am going to live it not read it today:) You blessed me. Thank you!

  11. Lisa,

    What great words you shared today, I have been working hard at intentionally seeing the small things, not just distracting myself with looking for the big things. Every brath I take is a gift from God.

    Blessings Lisa!

  12. What a great point Lisa... When we live in routine, we absolutely miss many of God's greatest gifts in our lives. Living intentionally for Him, the world opens up around us!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  13. Very sweet gifts and I loved your thoughts on purpose. I too love the days that I feel have a purpose and not just a routine.
    Blessings to you!

  14. I just LOVE your list! I related to so many, but especially "Life storms that redirect my focus back to God." I just wrote about that in a post ("Turbulence") this week! Wow, we are thinking alike!

    Blessings to you,

  15. Great title: Living on Purpose. frosting and graham crackers? I may have to try that!

  16. I too am guilty of going through the motions. Thanks for the reminder.