Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a Good Day

Some day certainly seem better than others, don't they?  But I know that God is always good.  And God is always with us.
Therefore . . .

Everyday can be a good day 
when we keep our eyes on God.

Continuing my list of blessings and linking up with A Holy Experience 
176.  Fun times at Vacation Bible School
177.  William Matthews' new CD, Hope's Anthem
178.  The answer of More seeking . . . Less striving
179.  Perfect peace that comes from hearts set on God
180.  Encounters with an atheist made possible by Twitter
181.  Morning trips to Wal-Mart, when all is still quiet. 
182.  Puppy (ok, fat beagle) sleeping at my feet

183.  The fact that God can look down through this and see me.

184.  Warm brownies, fresh from the oven.
185.   RAIN!
186.  Being able to boast that I know the LORD.  Jeremiah 9:24
187.  Saturday mornings and HGTV
188.  Saturday evening card games
189.  Sunday mornings
190.  The privilege of going to church
191.  Worshiping my Savior
192.   An Almighty God who sings over me.  Zephaniah 3:17

Many blessings,

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  1. Great list! Today I am thankful for:

    1) God using me, as well as my grandmother, mother and sweet sisters, to encourage others through Christ.
    2) A weekend of hard work for the King.
    3) Anticipation and excitement of our very first service in our new church.
    4) A/C
    5) My wonderful brother and sisters and their families.
    6) Another week of work for my husband.
    7) Ice cream.
    8) Sweet tea.
    9) Christy's pepsi.
    10) An afternoon relaxing at home.

  2. Great list, it's always a good day when God is in control.

  3. oooooh, love fat beagle! I have been trying hard to start each day with thankfulness, despite how I feel. Its so true what you say - God is with us every day so every day has the potential to be great!
    God bless

  4. OH YES WALMART !! when it is quiet!! Love the sweet!
    Great list! And thank God He sees us through all those beautiful stars!

  5. Love your list. #182 IS a puppy..they are always puppies no matter how chunky and how old. ;)

    #178...feeling blessed that it blessed you!

  6. I love those verses! Thank you for reminding me of them.

  7. Visiting from A Holy Experience ... loved coming across your beautiful blog, and loved reading your words.

  8. How neat that God is using Twitter to help an atheist hear Him!

  9. Hi Lisa! Stopping over from Ann's place and now following your blog. We have much in common. Love Will Matthews. When he was at KC-IHOP he came down to train our house of prayer! He was just at our place last weekend. I work for the lead pastor at my house of prayer and sing on the worship teams. Looking forward to getting to know you more. Loved your list today!

  10. Another wonderful list of Blessings Lisa! I'm especially fond of 179 and 191, although the brownies sound really good too! ;-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  11. Awe, great list! Reading your list has blessed me today.

  12. We are a blessed people ...GOD is awesome to love us so ............
    I am thankful that we can share the many blessings of GOD