Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Multitudes

I feel like I say this every Monday, but seriously, where did the weekend go?  And how can it be June 20th already?  Someone needs to discover how to freeze time so I can catch up. (smiles)

God is so good and worthy of our praise.  I want to thank Him by continuing to count my blessings.   Here's what I'm thankful for today:

85. Being part of planting a new church
86.  Canvassing neighborhoods with friends, handing out flyers
87.  Seeing people excited about a new church coming to their neighborhood
88. Considerate friends who bring food and water for hot tired workers
89.  Treats of ice cream after a long day
90.  Listening to my husband preach
91.  My wonderful husband, who is a great father to our children
92.  A congregation that is willing to be used by God
93.  Celebrating Father's Day with my husband and children
94.  Eating at Panda Express
95.  Realizing that God has bigger plans for my life
96.  Books on my summer reading list that are challenging me to go deeper
97.  Computer repair shops 
98.  New grill for Father's Day
99.  Comfy bed
100.  A healthy family
101. An earthly father who loves Jesus
102.  My heavenly Father who loves me

What's on your list?

Counting my blessings and participating in
Multitudes on Monday at A Holy Experience.


  1. Very nice list. Hope your family had a beautiful Father's Day!

  2. Hi Lisa. I am really encouraged by your enthusiasm and its good to see all God's blessings.
    God bless

  3. Great list. I am thankful for many of those same things. Today I am also thankful for:

    1) A husband who is a great father and desires to be even better.
    2) Spending Father's Day with my favorite men.
    3) Swimming and playing with family.
    4) The mountain of laundry that awaits me, because it means we are blessed with clothing.
    5) A full week of baseball because it means my boys are physically abley to play.
    6) A job for my husband to go to and his physical ability to work.
    7) For God calling me and my husband to do His work.
    8) For a home to come to and relax with my family.

  4. I know what you mean Lisa, my b day is next month and I'm not ready yet. There are still things I want to finish before a new year starts, but then again if they aren't finished were they supposed to be finished. It's all in God's timing. Not mine.

  5. Great list Lisa! Funny enough, I'm partial to #97 myself... :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Many times I have wanted to speed up time during the work week and slow it down during the weekend :)

    I enjoyed reading what you are thankful for.

    God bless,

  7. Just visiting you from Ann's page... I have begun a habit of looking at the person before me and after me. I loved your list. My favorite was "hearing my husband preach". That is a favorite for me too---such a gift to watch and experience. Blessings on you and your new venture.

  8. Love the list...lost count on what number I was on-oh well!
    I am thankful for
    a washing machine that works
    a dryer
    protection during the storms around us
    the ocean