Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FYI - Power Cords Only Work When They are Plugged In

I sat looking at the blinking battery light on my laptop.  The power cord was still attached to the computer, so why the low battery?  The problem is spotted,  I had forgotten to plug the cord into the outlet.  Power cords only work when they are plugged in.  God uses this time to teach a lesson.  

We don't work unless we stay plugged in. 

We can coast along for a little while away from the Source, but like the computer, we will eventually shut down.  We have to stay plugged in, connected to God.  Only He can make us "run" like we were designed to do.  

Are you plugged in?

Eyes looking up,


  1. I've done several sermons in Kidz Klub using this analogy...you only get the FULL power when you COMPLETELY plug in to God!!!

  2. Oh, I've so done this before! Yes a great reminder that we need to stay connected to our Power source!

  3. I've done the same with my computer or other things. I want to be plugged into Jesus. Into His Word, into a church, into worshipping Him and spending time with Him. I want to be plugged into HIM! Great post.

  4. Love love love when God uses things to teach us like this.

  5. Great post Lisa, just a short, sweet and right to the point reminder... love it! Thanks for sharing this :)

  6. This is one the first things we ask our clients when they call in with computer issues Lisa, and "am I connected to God" is something I ask myself quite often as well.

    Great analogy, and advice!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  7. I have had the battery low button blinking the last few days, I didn't even realize I came unplugged, got reconnected this morning. Cranked up the music this morning and got some serious praise going. Battery is now operating at full capacity.

    Praise Jesus.

    Blessings to you.

  8. Hi Lisa. I found your blog while blog hopping. Yes, I sometimes feel unplugged. Great analogy. Hope you don't mind but I'll be following your blog.
    God bless

  9. I've also done this! Looks like I'm in good company:) Isn't it neat how God can use anything to bring our minds back to Him, to remind us of something...I love how He works!

  10. If I go too long without being 'plugged in' I start to slowly lose my charge...kinda like my laptop battery!

  11. I loved this and never really thought about it like that!! So true... and that's why I love finding and reading these blogs written by godly writers. So glad to meet you.