Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Multitudes

If you live in the Midwest, you have probably heard about the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, MO yesterday.  The pictures of the damage are just incredible.  Please be praying for this town as they continue their search and rescue efforts.  They have a long process of clearing and rebuilding. 

My heart is heavy for these people.  Saturday evening we were under a tornado warning and told to take cover.  Of course, we went out on the deck to watch the storm (smiles).   I was disappointed that all we got was a beautiful lightening display.  I love storms!  I wanted to see a tornado, but I would never wish this damage on anyone.  I can't imagine losing everything.   I'm having a hard time thinking of blessings, but I know that it's especially important to count our blessings in times like this, so today I want to continue my list.

42.  A God who is always in control, even in the midst of a storm

43.  God's Majesty displayed in creation
44. Never having to say goodbye to forever friends
45.  Testimonies of answered prayer
46.  Quiet times with my husband
47.  Loud times with my family
48.  Cell phones and computers
49.  Gifts of cereal
50.  Freshly cut grass
51.  Challenges to go deeper with God
52.  Summer break
53.  Snoring poopies (that's what I call my dogs)
54.  My kid's sarcastic sense of humor
55.  Laughing at a movie we've seen a hundred times
56.  Prayers to my God who always hears

What are you thankful for today?

Counting my blessings by participating in Multitudes on Monday at A Holy Experience.


  1. It truly is staggering when you look at the photos of the damage, and even more heartbreaking when you read and think about all the families affected. I've been praying for them this morning, and will continue to do so.

    Your list however, is as always, wonderful. Counting our Blessings, especially in the wake of disaster, is very important.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Great list. Today I am thankful for:

    1. A God who cares for us.
    2. Safety during the storms.
    3. My aunt's health returning.
    4. Getting to visit my grandparents church.
    5. Lunch with family and friends.
    6. A new to me van.
    7. Getting the messy garage cleaned this morning.
    8. Another week of work for my husband.
    9. For having a sip of pepsi and not really liking it. :)
    10. Facebook to connect with family and friends.
    11. Getting to watch my boys play baseball tonight.
    12. The many encouraging blogs I read.
    13. God's Word that always is alive and speaks to me.
    14. The relaxing shower I am headed to right now!

  3. Lisa, I love storms too... being from Texas I am all too familiar with twisters! We don't get those kind of storms here in Reno. I could do without the tornado, but a great pounding... light-up the sky thunderstorm would be great! Half the time I don't even know it rained until it already stopped! Happy Monday :)

  4. It is hard to even look at the devastation these people are dealing with today, they will be in my prayers as they try to piece their lives back together.

    as always a truly wonderful list of things you are grateful for.

    Blessings to you today Lisa.

  5. Love your list, there are so many things to be thankful for even in the midst of a storm. Today I'm thankful for a God who knows me and loves me anyway. And a God that can calm the storms and raging waters and give us peace.

  6. I can see the damage from Alabama clearly in my mind when I see these images. I'll never forget what we witnessed there...and I got to come home to my house and family!
    Continuing my list with you (think I'm on the right numbers)

    21. God's creation
    22. God's provision
    23. God's soverignty
    24. God's protection
    25. God's promises
    26. God's faithfulness
    27. God's power
    28. God's magesty
    29. God's love
    30. God's tapestry

  7. Beautiful blessings from a beautiful lady! The pictures are incredible. It would be difficult to find blessings underneath all the rubble, but God wouldn't allow such travesty without a divine treasure underneath. Definately praying for those folks...

  8. Thank you for coming by again...I am so appreciative of your prayers!
    I am thankful that the huge tornadoes that went through my home state of Oklahoma did not hurt my family and friends!