Friday, May 27, 2011

God Speaks

God speaks and . . .       
lightening flashes
darkness scatters
light forms
And God says, "Isn't it great!"   

   God speaks and . . .
   Skies form
   Waters separate
   Clouds appear
   And God says, "Isn't it great!"

God speaks and . . .
Waters gather
Lands appear
Grasses grow
Flowers bloom
And God says, "Isn't it great!"

God speaks and . . .
Stars appear
Constellations form
Sun glows
Moon reflects
Seasons change
And God says, "Isn't it great!"

God speaks and . . .
Fish swim,
Birds fly and sing
And God says, "Isn't it great!"

God speaks and . . .
Animals sound
Hearts beat
Lungs fill
Ribs form
Man runs
Eyes smile
And God said, "Isn't it great!"

I praise you because I am fearfully 
and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful, 
I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14


  1. Isn't it woulderful what God creates? We should marvel at all of these things, if it weren't for God we would not have them. Not only should we marvel at these things we should praise Him daily for all that He has created. Blessings and thanks for a great post.

  2. I love this Lisa! Thank you for a smile to start my day today!

    Have a Blessed Day Dear Friend!

  3. Great post! God is the perfect Artist!

  4. What a great post to end the week with! It has been a tough week and I apologize for being so quiet, but you have been in my prayers. Blessings to you Lisa.

  5. Beautiful! Love the pictures too :)

  6. Yes... and isn't HE great! For all things were made by Him and for Him.
    ~ Love and blessings dear Lisa

  7. I really love this poem Liza. And I'm glad you share it with us. And isn't it great that God give you this kind of talent and wisdom? Your work reflects God graces and love in your life. Anyway, I'm hoping all the best with you and I know God will keep you on His arms. Have a great day!

  8. Awesome post Lisa. I love it.
    God bless,