Friday, April 8, 2011

A Song Without Music

I'm so excited to be able to share this post written by my beautiful daughter, Devin.

I have recently decided to start walking every evening.  I really enjoy it and it has quickly become a stress reliever.  Normally I listen to music, like Brooke Fraiser, on my phone while I walk, but last night my phone died halfway through my walk and I couldn't listen to my music anymore.  At first I was sort of bummed, but then as I kept walking I realized how much I was missing out on by being distracted by the music.

All around I could sense God's presence; His beauty.  But I had noticed none of it before my phone died.

I could hear the birds chirping, people talking.  I could see the breeze gently flowing through the trees and stirring up the grass.  I could feel the sun's heavenly warmth on my back.  Ahhhh.

Now had my phone not died, I still would have felt the sun on my back and seen the evidence of the wind through the trees.  But I would have just kept moving, kept going on with my life.  Too wrapped up in myself to stop and "smell the roses".  But last night everything I saw, felt, or heard was God.  The breeze was Him whispering my name, the sun was His deep love for me, the birds - clearly they were chirping because they were in awe of Him too.  The trees swaying in the wind because they were worshiping their Creator.  I saw nature worshiping Him.  I felt it.

But I also saw people.  People who were moving through life just as I had been until my phone died.  Too busy to stop and worship their Savior every moment they can.

I saw nature celebrating God's gift of life, His creativity.  But I know that God wants us to worship Him; to celebrate Him.  Everyday to be thankful and joyful because of Him.

I had a song in my heart last night - still do.  My song is nature's melody.  Every time I feel the wind, or hear a bird, or see a squirrel do its funny hop/run thingy, I want to rejoice.  Yes!  I'm alive!  Believing that if God can care so deeply for something so small, that of course He cares ever so much more deeply for me.

I choose to see God in the little things.  I want to be still so I can hear Him whisper my name in the wind.  Stand in the rays of the sun and feel His love cover me.  Capture me.  Make me whole.

My prayer is that everyone would truly hear nature's melody.  Not being in awe of nature, but the One who created it.

But he said, "If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.  Luke 19:40 MSG

Thank you, Devin, for this beautiful picture of our Creator and His love for us.


  1. Amazing look at God's Creation! It's kind of the way I've been feeling this Spring. It seems this year that I have really enveloped Spring and I LOVE it. Thank you, Devin, for this amazing look at God's gift of nature to us!

  2. Oh Devin! I love ya girl! Awesome job! :)

    I love sitting (or walking) in the quiet just enoying God's nature. Like you said, He is in everything. We just have to look for Him. Great post!

  3. Love this Devin, great post!

  4. Beautiful Devin. I love walking in the morning time and listening to the sounds of birds chirping.

  5. Absolutly loved this post .... Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD

  6. Devin, this was absolutely beautiful and wonderfully inspiring! I spend as much time as possible in a nearby forest walking in the quiet and basking in God's Creation, so I know exactly the feelings you're describing. :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  7. Wow, I love what God is doing in your daughter's heart. She has an amzing revealation of God already at such a young age:)

  8. Not long ago, I experienced the same thing. The ipod got left behind, and I was momentarily fretful. But then I began to listen to the sounds around me and take in the sights, and I ended up having a beautiful time of silence with the Lord. I've yet to walk with my ipod again. Perhaps soon, but I'm enjoying the quiet time outdoors.


  9. Devin, this is a lovely testimony of how we all need to stop and smell the roses! In fact, this is what my most recent post is about.
    I'm sharing this with my teenage daughter, who is an avid music lover. And yet, God's creation is full of music we all too often miss.
    ~ Love and blessings

  10. I just spent an awesome week in the thick of God's creation and I must say that everything He made is amazing. Even the little inch worms my son insisted on collecting in his bug catcher!